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Quotes I'm a med student & honestly i had never thought i'd b associated with this. However smehow through fate i met dia n since then i hav met a completely diff side of me. Dia has taught me so well n so nicely that now it has become a part of me; something that i'll always have like a friend for life... All thanks to u dia love u loads <3<3<3 Quotes

Quotes I was not sure whether I should learn Tarot or not. I was not sure who would be the right person to learn from. I had a talk with her and next evening I was learning Tarot :).. And I am glad that I learned Tarot and I feel blessed that I found you to guide me. Thank you so much Dia Katoch. Tarot has changed me! Quotes
Deepa S
Tarot changed my Life

Quotes I was not from Pune!! Had come just for a week and wanted to learn a couple of courses. She made time for me and even in short span taught me all so well. Thanx a lot Dia. Also its value for money with all the notes n material n teaching style. Always available on email or sms. none of my query has ever gone unanswered. u the best Dia. Next time I come its gonna be specially for you. I will do the rest of the courses too. Quotes
Thank u :)

Quotes Hello Ma'am, I was in search of a guru.. A academy were i'll get to learn all these various courses under one roof... Finally i found spiritual awakening path.. Its beautiful how you get connected to your cards and crystals... And how you understand whats happening in someones mind and you can cast spells for good luck, love n protecion.. I started with tarot reading and did almost 7-8 courses with ma'am... thank you Ma'am.. you are a wonderful person and a superb guru.. Regards Sonal.. Quotes
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